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EMERGE // Somatik im Tanz- 26.3.22-6.11.22

EMERGE // Somatik im Tanz 







EMERGE Fortbildung besteht aus folgenden Teilen: 

Teil 2: 5 Wochenenden ROOTS & EVOLUTIONS Somatische Grundlagen der Kreativität mit Heike Kuhlmann & Gastlehrer Andrew Wass 

Termine: 26.-28.8.22, 7.-9.10.22., 4.-6.11.22, 2.-4.12.22, 4.-5.2.23
Teil 3: 2 Wochen UMDREHUNGEN // REVOLUTIONS Somatische Choreografie & Performance mit Katja Münker & Gastlehrer Ingo Reulecke 

Termine: 22.7.-5.8.22


wieder in 2024 Teil 1: Somatisch künstlerische Forschung und Dokumentation



EMERGE // Somatics in dance (200h) qualifies for the application of somatic movement in creative and performative professions. This training strengthens one's own physical, performative and choreographic abilities. Somatic practices (Body-Mind Centering®, Authentic Movement and the Feldenkrais Method) are enhancing aesthetic and creative processes.The training interweaves artistic inquiery, somatic movement explorations and personal/collective artistic research.


EMERGE can be reckognized as part C of the training programme at the Somatische Akademie.


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Teil 2/Part 2:
ROOTS & EVOLUTION: Foundations of somatic creativity
with Heike Kuhlmann & guest teacher Andrew Wass

The first part ROOTS enhances on exploring the rich field of somatic movement that support our creative process and allow us to build deep roots. The Body-Mind Centering® approach invites us to dive into the rich and differentiated world of the body. The personal artistic research is enmeshed with the somatic experience to develop Improvisationsstructures and performantive scores. Integration is found in a regular practice of Authentic Movement.


The second part EVOLUTION focuses on developing the performative material. Somatic explorations serve grounding as well as sharpening the clarity of artistic expression. Specific working tools and group process support the personal and group artistic process that culminates in a final performance.

The weekends:


Tuning in, grouping, personal project, Body-Mind Centering, Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation, Critical Response Process Liz Lerman, artistic research and documentation,
Semipermeable Membran
Body-Mind Centering, Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation, Scoring, Somatic based dance technique, movement research, artistic research and documentation of personal project
Arising Connection
Contact Improvisation, Ensemble Thinking, Somatic based dance technique, connecting material, development personal and group project, performance planning
Evolving between Form and Embodiment
Somatic as support for creation, Solo- and Groupwork, Balance between Form and Embodiment
, Somatic aesthetics

Reaching out

final performance, Integration, Embodiment and präsentation, Feedback- and reflectionprocess


Scedule: Friday 10-17h30, Saturday 10-18h und Sunday 10-17h30

Contact:  kuhlmann@somatische-akademie.de

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